Monday, February 15, 2010

that doctor laughing so loud :D

february first..

i went to a doctor because i got's so hurt man when u always go to toilet :(
when my turn to consultation with doctor..

me : doc,i've got diarrhea from this afternoon
doctor : how usuall u go to toilet?
me : ohh i don't's so often
doctor : 'and u go to toilet when u feel hearrburn?'
me : yup doc
doctor : so u always back n forth to toilet?
me : first and second time yes,,but i's tired back n forth to toilet,so i hang on (nongkrong) in water closet all day.....

do u know what will doctor said??
he just laugh!!!so loud!!!for the first time i see doctor laugh so loud n i just stunned for a few second until the doctor stop laugh..hahahahaha

do you understand with my post??hehe

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