Sunday, April 18, 2010

a childish boy <-> this is me

am i so childish?
is this my new problem for me that i didn't have a relationship that i want because i'm so childish?
am i not forceful,so there aren't woman want to be my girl?
is there so hard to get girlfriends if i'm childish?

may be it's true..
honest,i feel childish with my friends,i don't know why,but i always enjoy when i play with my friends (all my close friend,at junior HS,senior HS or at collage)..

may be they feel i'm so insane (hard word isn't it??hahaha) a boy like me can be childish doesn't like man generally (but don't u ever think i'm like child..hahaha i'm perfectly man!!!..hehe)

yeahh,,when i thinking about this,i feel 'fadil,don't u think that you're so wierd??' .. 'no,i feel normal....'
it's my answer for a couple hours ago,a couple days ago,maybe a few years ago!!!!but when my friends says that i'm so childish, i start to think,think n more think....
n my new answer..YES I'M SO CHILDISH...

but when i'm thinking again,,must i change my behavior be more adult???
no,,i think that isn't a good answer..i must be my self..this is me,this is fadil a childish boy..
and no one can change it..
deep inside my heart,i want to change it,but only GOD can give me a way to be grow n more adult,,but when??i still don't know..

so,if u didn't like the way i am, don't be my friend,there's so useless being my friend ;)
but,if u can accept me,fadil the childish boy,with a great open hands i'll so happy ^_^

for my all friends,thanx..because of u,i can know my self like what before..hehe
                                    u give me a very valuable lesson :)
for any girl out there..this is me..i'll never change my stlye..
                                     so if u like me, please accept me like what i am :)

thanx (rock)



  1. klo mnurut gw,.stiap org pst ad sifat kkaNak"n,..jd wajar ajj kLo Lo brsikap sprti itu,..cuma bagaimn qta bs mnenpatkan diri ajj,..
    ad sat'a qta hrz berfikir n bersikap dewasa and ad sat'a jg qta bersikap kknak"n

    yg bs ngrubah diri qta Tu ya diri qta sndiri,..
    qta mang hrz jdi dr sndiri,tp kLo perubahn tu bwt kbaikn qta,knpa gak dcoba???

    kya gw skrg,.gw Lg sok biJak nii,..

  2. iyaa,,emang kita sendiri yang bisa ngerubahnya tapi kan yang menentukan ALLAH :)
    seperti ungkapan,'untuk mencapai suatu hal,kita harus berusaha tapi pada akhirnya Tuhan juga yang menentukan'

    pasti akan gw coba demi kebaikan gw juga,tapi butuh waktu dan bertahap..

    makasih yaa kawan atas masukannya :)

  3. disuruh komen nih am si cungkring.... nya amburadul gt loh wkwke

  4. idihhhh,,sapa yang nyuruh komen..hahaha

    mana komennya bilang itu doang usah ditegesin lagi klo b.inggrisnya kacau..wkwkwkwkwk


komennya yang bagus-bagus yaa ^_^